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This is a list of everything we find epic. Just to clarify ... E-P-I-C! What exactly does that mean?

Well, let me enlighten you my faithful reader, it's something that changes your perception on life, something that is truly grand in freaking scale. Got it?

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Colin - The $70 Zombie Movie


In a world ... where summer blockbuster movies cost hundreds of millions of dollars, one man took a stand as the voice for the everyman ... er ... zombies ...

That's right boys and girls, Marc Price has made a zombie movie for $70. No, that's not a typo ... $70! This raises the question: why the hell does Transformers 2 suck it so hard and yet cost so much to make? Michael Bay had $300 million to make his piece de crape. But our boy Marc has made a zombie movie, told from the zombie's point of view no less, for the cost of a video game. Even more shocking is that Colin got favorable reviews at Cannes film festival. Something tells me we'll never see Starscream nominated for best supporting robot.

Michael Bay, I have two words for you: un-dead.

Verdict: EPIC EPIC!