The Epic ListWe know epic when we see it ... so shut up!

This is a list of everything we find epic. Just to clarify ... E-P-I-C! What exactly does that mean?

Well, let me enlighten you my faithful reader, it's something that changes your perception on life, something that is truly grand in freaking scale. Got it?

And we are the final judges on all things epic. So if you think you've found something epic, shut up ... send it to us and we'll tell if you if it's truly E-P-I-C.


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Bacon Soap


With the exception of our Jewish friends out there, who doesn't love bacon? It's the meat of the Gods. A manly meat. A meat that makes other meat taste good. Bacon really does make everything better.

That is until I saw this little goodie. Bacon soap, really?

The last thing I want to smell like is a tasty piece of crisp bacon. It's too dangerous. Friends and coworkers might be overcome with the urge to eat you (and not in the good way). Loved ones might start rubbing butter on your face or placing lettuce and tomato on your head.

Let's keep bacon on the dinner table and out of the bathroom. It'll be better for all of us.

Verdict: NOT EPIC